It’s About Engaging Conversations not Counting Facebook Fans

Business leaders using Facebook as part of their overall marketing strategy should be aware of significant behind the scene changes made last month when the Social Media giant rolled its first major redesign in quite some time. In the past companies have frequently used the number of fans or “likes” as a gauge of social media success but the fact of the matter is Facebook doesn’t care about how many fans you have. It’s now all about the effectiveness of your interactions.

If you are looking to have your posts appear as a “Top Story”, which is similar to vying for the Headlines on the front page on a newspaper or top listing in Google, it’s not the number of fans you have and it’s now all about how you engagement with those fans and how faithfully your fans respond back to you. According to a recent article on Hubspot, “What matters are three things: the popularity of your post (affinity), its relevancy (weight) and its timeliness (time decay). These three factors are the “edges” that Facebook’s algorithm “ranks” to determine what content is likely to be most interesting to your audience.”

Let’s take a closer look at these factors that make up your EdgeRank:

  • Affinity is the measurement of interaction between the reader and the content creator.  It scores the frequency and level of interaction.
  • Weight is the value given to the comments and actions any given post receives from your overall Facebook community. As Facebook fans and others “like”,  comment, share or tag your post it gains in relevance and overall importance to the community at large.
  • Time Decay is the natural understanding and weight given to posts as they age. As time passes the post you wrote slowly turns into yesterday’s news and ultimately is not relevant to others.

So to recap, gaining a high EdgeRank is dependent how you can create interesting and relevant content that consistently moves a substantial number of your fans to take action by clicking, sharing or linking your posts and links.   Here are a few easy ways to create favorable mouse-movement after reading your content.

  1. Create Dialog – Instead of using your posts to update fans on your activities write posts that encourage fan interaction. Posts that ask a question or end with ‘what do you think?’ or ‘do you agree?’ are better than simple status posts. If you are seeking interaction remember to check your page to respond to posts, and when appropriate, feed the discussion with comments of your own.
  1. Videos – Posts with short videos are 30% more likely to increase post effectiveness. The simple beauty of putting a video as a post is that it begs for people to click on it to hear your message. Most Facebook users are willing to watch a short video to its end, but unless it’s riveting, they will stop watching after a couple of minutes so… keep your message short!
  1. Photographs – Since many people are visual learners, an interesting photo is more likely to catch an emotion and almost always gets a reaction. Add a funny caption or adds to the story captured in the photo and Facebook readers will be more likely to add a comment of their own.
  1. Call-to-Action – Encouraging your fan to click on a link, read an article or read an e-book and post your feedback are all positive interactions on the new Facebook ranking system.   Remember to share why the link or article is personally important to you!  Remember we are interacting with Facebook users not just posting on a bulletin board.
  1. Know your Audience.  Take time out to listen to your audience to find out what they are interested in.  Only 20% of your posts should have a “sales focus”.   Spend the rest of the time producing value and sharing content most important to your clients.  If your posts are a never-ending sales pitch they will ultimately cause your fans to disengage from your page. 

If you are having trouble writing effective and engaging content contact Casajulie Visual Marketing. We have affordable plans to assist you in creating engaging content and developing social media strategies to increase your reach on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jim Quick is the Social Media Strategist at Casajulie.  After years of using social media to enhance the sales efforts in the retail industry he now is focused on helping clients develop strategies to place their message on the right social media platform.


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  1. Andrew Stein says:

    This is pertinent, timely insite here. The read is enjoyable and the content informative.

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